Xining city sewage will be strict penalties for industrial enterprises

with a comprehensive air pollution battle broke out in the city, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau convened in September 5th 49 key industrial enterprises meeting, issued a signal of industrial sewage enterprises will implement strict penalties, the future of industrial enterprises will exceed the standard exhaust emission, receiving a rectification notice, the deadline governance or governance still the non-compliance, will be reported to the government shut down.

it is understood that the provisions of the comprehensive management of air pollution action plan, the city will be in accordance with the requirements of the relevant industrial policies, actively adjust the industrial structure, strict investment audit, strictly control the "two high" industry access, increase energy conservation efforts, by the end of 2014 yuan GDP energy consumption fell 6% compared with 2010, the above scale unit the industrial added value of energy consumption decreased year by year. Annual development and implementation of polluting enterprises closed, stop, and, turn, change and delisting into the park provisions. Increase the intensity of environmental monitoring and law enforcement inspections, and resolutely investigate and deal with air pollution control facilities unauthorized outage, the air environment to steal row, drain pollutants violations. To clean up the small and medium-sized enterprises that are seriously polluted and do not meet the national industrial policies, and effectively reduce the pollution of the atmospheric environment by small and medium sized enterprises.

at the same time, the key stage of comprehensive control of air pollution, the city will focus on the implementation of the city’s industrial enterprises 24 hours of monitoring and management, to ensure the stability of exhaust emissions of pollutants. The exhaust emissions exceed the standard of the enterprise, issued the appropriate rectification or governance tasks and the corresponding punishment, supervise the implementation of corporate governance and the rectification work tasks; resolutely implement the high limit penalties for illegal discharge, for non normal use of pollution control facilities of the enterprise, and the society of exposure; aging equipment, backward technology, efficiency is not high the waste gas treatment facilities, issued a deadline or the deadline rectification task did not complete the corresponding task of governance or governance is still not up to the requirements of relevant standards of the government shut down. (author: Rong Lijun)