A city of Xining Watch say let a person heart unhappy


in Xining city to carry out the work of creating a civilized city, all kinds of uncivilized phenomenon gradually reduced, but "spit out" phenomenon is still in the corner of the city staged…… November 16th, the reporter spit on this uncivilized phenomenon, visited the streets of the provincial capital. How the results, the reporter took you a look.

spitting everywhere

location: well lane market

a mala shop door, a people are smoking, suddenly "bah!" A sound, will phlegmy casually spit on the ground, after chouwan smoke left. After eating a meal out of the public out of the foot on the foot of the sputum. She didn’t say anything, but the expression on her face was very offensive.

– Location: Richpower commercial pedestrian street

, a middle-aged woman head to the left, a spat on the ground. The woman next to the public looked at her, and looked at the ground of phlegm, quickly around the past. The woman did not feel anything wrong with her move.

location: Xinning square

is a very decent man dressed in a very loud voice to suck up sputum, sputum ready to take off. See him next to people watching him, like a gently feel shy, spit sputum in the hole, and in the distance he is less than 5 meters where there is a trash. The reporter saw at the same time, the square, there are a lot of garbage can with phlegm.

place: Mo Street farmers market

Mo Street farmers market, there are a lot of vendors in front of the shop to play mobile phones. All of a sudden, a peddler first coughed a few times, feeling uncomfortable in his throat, and cleared his throat. Spit after the sputum, she seems to destroy the evidence, first took out a paper towel to wipe the mouth, and rub the ground with his foot rub.

location: provincial bus station

reporter in the paper Street bus station to see a man waiting for the car, he saw the car, and then lost his hands after the cigarette butts and spit on the ground, quickly on the bus. Next to the car people have frowned, but he did not care. Reporters found that in the provincial capital of the bus station, spitting phenomenon is not uncommon.

place: West Main Street

reporter observed in the West Main Street, there are a lot of drivers in the car will roll down the window spitting. "When you drive a car, you spit out the window. It’s too common." A taxi driver said that some passengers in the car smoking will also spit out the window. The taxi driver also admitted that, especially in the evening, when there is no paper at hand, he will shake the windows to spit. "Driving the car, you can’t stop to find the trash can." A driver said.

where phlegm up to

supermarket, shopping mall entrance