East District Mutual East Road a fake brand condiment processing point was destroyed

April 15th 18 am, mutual aid law enforcement officers and workers in the road in one fell swoop hidden in the East District of mutual aid road, No. 12, a large enterprise in the area of a fake brand condiment processing points.

at the scene, law enforcement officers seized counterfeit Lanzhou Muqing food company "guihao" brand laochouwang sauce 279, "guihao" brand soy sauce packing box 2400, printed with "guihao" packaging tape volume 585. In addition, law enforcement officers in the warehouse also found large quantities of suspected counterfeit Guangzhou Baiyun taste Hing Food Company produced special teriyaki sauce and vinegar produced 67 boxes. Reporters on the scene saw the poor condition of the condiment factory workshop, 2 fermentation tank used to brew the vacant, cement coating can be seen clearly from the fermentation pool fermentation tank is just a decoration; large cylinder dark workshop placed dozens of containing soy sauce. According to the statement of the parties Liu, where he engaged in the production and processing of spices has been a year, the production of counterfeit brand spices and seasonings are sold to the city along the street shops, supermarkets, etc.. According to the scene, law enforcement officers preliminary determination, the production of seasoning sauce vinegar condiment is completely using pigment and flavouring chemical products such as blending together.

currently, the case is under further investigation.