Dance of Xining spring mass cultural activities rich and colorful

In December 21st, reporters from the city of Xining in 2013 to start the new year and Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival mass cultural activities ceremony was informed that, in order to promote the Xining traditional culture, showing Xining rich cultural heritage, rich and active masses of people’s cultural life, Xining City Public Cultural Committee according to the Xining municipal Party committee, municipal government arrangements in 2013 New Year’s day, Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival period for a rich and colorful cultural activities that benefit the masses.

it is reported that in 2013 New Year’s day, Spring Festival, Lantern Festival cultural activities of the masses to "dance · happy Xining" as the theme, to carry out the joy, happy, peaceful, healthy and upward cultural activities of the masses of all ethnic groups, to further promote the socialist core value system, sing the main theme of the construction of socialist harmonious society. Cultural activities in accordance with the time node is divided into three plates. The first plate "Xining ·" new vitality; happiness, during the new year’s day arrangements for the culture to send blessings, happiness, art theatre people sing for a happy, happy, New Year bell square singing praise pray for happiness, happiness, welcome a riot of colour fitness to enjoy happiness, Xia Doudong rhyme Tour 8 series of activities; the second section "the charm of Xining · happy Spring Festival", from the twelfth lunar month twenty-three (that is, the eve of the Lunar New Year), arranged the 14 series of activities. The county will organize migrant workers, left-behind children, the elderly, soldiers, to send blessings, dumplings and enjoy the dance, tea and other forms to carry out the "happy family" Eve send warm activity; third plate "colorful Xining · the city of happiness", focus on the creation of the Lantern Festival activities. The twelfth lunar month twenty-nine to seventeen month, according to the fashion of modern lighting, energy saving, safe and orderly, thrifty "principle," happy city held a riot of colours "street lantern activities; during the festival, people’s Park will host the" beauty of Qinghai · happy Xining "eighth Chinese summer ice Art Festival, held on fifteen 20:00" an EVERYBRIGHT CITY fireworks. (author: Su Jianping)