Home landscaping action so that the province’s 1 million 750 thousand farmers and herdsmen benefit

March 28th, the reporter learned from the provincial environmental protection department, in recent years, the province’s implementation of home beautification action, contiguous remediation, agricultural and pastoral environment continues to be changed. Focus on the implementation of rural garbage disposal, life management, protection of drinking water sources and livestock manure pollution comprehensive management of sewage pollution, invested 1 billion 450 million yuan of special funds, the implementation of the village and the nomads settlement 2015, coverage rate of 45%, the province’s approximately 1 million 750 thousand farmers benefit.

provincial Environmental Protection Bureau responsible person, in the past 5 years, the provincial Environmental Protection Department of the relevant state ministries and actively seek support from the comprehensive improvement of rural environment project pilot village to become contiguous rural environment remediation demonstration Province, and then brought into full coverage of pilot province National dragnet, the provincial government held 3 field will be high promote the expanding scale and effects of accelerating the construction of new countryside. In the renovation, pay attention to tilt to the source region of Sanjiang and Huangshui River Basin, and the "military enterprises build a model village", plateau beautiful countryside construction combined with the ecological model to create, establish a long-term mechanism linked to adhere to local conditions, classification policy.

at the same time, in accordance with the provincial government deployment requirements, in our province, tourist attractions, traffic along the urban surrounding environment dirty and messy problem, in 2015, the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau jointly with the departments to carry out the national highway and railway traffic along the scenic spots and the surrounding environment, through on-site inspection, the exchange of visits, Yijiangdaibu and notification the exposure means and measures, supervise and guide the local government to implement the main responsibility for cleaning up the ruins, construction waste, pollution remediation, dumping dumping chaos, Luandaluanjian, cluttered, beautification and improvement of regional environmental purification order was significantly improved.