Phoenix Palace phoenix tour of Chengdu to create a business

in the era of global economy, the concept of the global village has long been formed, no matter what kind of industry, to enter the overseas market is a matter of time. So entrepreneurs need to focus on the field of international entrepreneurship. 2015 Chengdu world record Fair held, let the whole world innovation and entrepreneurship eyes are chengdu.

2015 this month, Chengdu global record rendezvous and the tenth session of the European Fair opened in chengdu. In the country’s first global innovation and entrepreneurship fair, from France, Germany and other European countries, innovation leader, with their party Lairong innovation cluster.

"European fair was born in the Chengdu high tech Zone, this year is the tenth year, the hand of a rendezvous, is the time to." Entrepreneurial innovation, global vision, in the Chengdu high tech Zone, "venture Tianfu" high tech Zone leading target of the project, is also at the global – Chengdu high tech Zone issued "business ten", the annual investment innovation funds of various types of not less than 1 billion yuan, the construction of the International Center for innovation and entrepreneurship emerging.

it is reported that Chengdu is a teahouse in Chengdu Tianfu New Valley entrepreneurial community "growth" and the first batch of ten of a public space. Rong Chong teahouse (Boston) responsible person Wang Chao analysis, at present, Chengdu entrepreneurial innovation competitiveness more and more attention by the parties, the new registration of the main body of the market data such as, has been much higher than the national average. Go out, ongoing in-depth exchanges, trade and global innovation resources abundant region has become a phenomenon, and a Chengdu teahouse (Boston) platform, is a public record space "shop" in Harvard, MIT and other world-renowned universities outside the school gate, to contribute more to the transformation advanced science and technology to build cross-border business platform.

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