Emblem tea sales with the nternet

all walks of life in the passenger Internet Express, emblem tea today is no exception, with the Internet sales, the development of a more diversified sales channels, achieved very good sales results. Emblem tea can catch up with the government departments to support the Internet, the future sales model will be further increased.

to speed up the revitalization of Anhui, Wanxi two emblem of tea industry, in May 12th, the third session of the Anhui Conference on network operators, "Anhui tea business alliance was established, through the use of the Internet thinking to enhance our province tea brand market influence, promote the emblem of tea industry bigger and stronger.

huicha net sales move is very good, is the best example of traditional industries and the Internet combined with the. Other industries can also mimic the emblem of tea sales model, and the Internet by a little closer, the number of sales may also have a good upgrade.

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