Carry forward the enterprise spirit and practice the core value

Recently, for the implementation of the party’s eighteen proposed to carry out the education on socialist core value system, and actively cultivate the overall deployment and the practice of socialist core values, deepen enterprise construction of socialist core values, the Municipal Federation of trade unions in the enterprises to carry out extensive excellent enterprise spirit collection activities, collected a total of more than 70 excellent enterprise spirit.

the event, the trade union in the spirit of enterprise education as the starting point, the comprehensive use of discussion, thematic lectures, speech, essay and other forms of cultural activities, and guide employees to learn and understand the connotation and essence of the spirit of the enterprise, promote the practice of socialist core values of understanding and recognition. With the full use of all types of promotional positions, to carry out extensive publicity and education enterprise spirit, inspire the cadres and workers of patriotism and love of enterprises, their enthusiasm, so that employees have the spirit of enterprise and the influence of infection in daily life. Give full play to the leading role of the socialist core values of the spirit of the enterprise, strengthen enterprise spirit, revise and improve and enhance the generation cultivation quality and distinctive characteristics of the work, the spirit of enterprise is the enterprise, and the essence of the social mainstream value conduction.

by carrying out the activities of the socialist core value concept of enterprise employees in our city greatly enhance the spirit of enterprise idea throughout the whole process of the enterprise management, has become the enterprise of the soft power of the core and the sustainable development of the enterprise for the enterprise inner strength, shaping the soul cast has injected vigor and vitality.