Ji’nan to the big dog dog card issued by parents

pets can bring people a lot of happiness, but a lot of times, some of the behavior of pets, people’s lives have brought inconvenience. In order to create a person and a dog in harmony with time in Shandong, Ji’nan, dogs need to apply for a license, it has 12 points, if to buckle finished, can’t have a dog.

dog scoring system cited hot

master, you’ll lose me again." Published on the Ji’nan Municipal Public Security Bureau official micro-blog news, March 1st, the day of concern. The news that Ji’nan will launch a "dog" scoring system ", people in the dog during a nuisance and other irregularities, the dog registration certificate will be deducted after deduction of 12 points, will be temporarily raises the dog registration certificate to learn civilized dog, after passing the examination, then back to the dog registration certificate."

BYD reporter noted that with the content of the message, "don’t go walk the dog dog chain traction", "dog a nuisance" will be deducted 3 points, and the dog "disturbing" a total of 3 times, will be deducted 12 points. At the same time, "not for my annual" will be deducted 12 points.

news release, triggering hot friends. There are users on the details of the question: "nuisance" how to define, there will be a malicious report? There are also netizens concerned, in the "dog" in captivity, the dog will be how to deal with? There are friends that, for those who do not have a "dog", and how to monitor it?

to the big dog a dog permit issued by the parents, whether can constrain the behavior of dogs? For examination content and charging issues of concern to users, Chen Chao explained that the "make-up" content from the "Regulations" Ji’nan dog, and does not charge any fees. For there is no dog dogs and dog owners how to manage the incident, Chen Chao said that at present, the Ji’nan Municipal Public Security Bureau organized 70 inspection team.

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