Sir Yuxi Steakhouse what are the whole of franchise support

good steak is for consumers to create good quality products, consumers will be in the hearts of consumers who will remember their good. Like a steak. Jazzi steak in the customer-oriented, service first, the pursuit of excellence, win-win business philosophy, follow the "trustworthy, efficient, development" concept, to create the first-class drink brand as the goal, to create the most advanced and most professional service Western-style food steak, coffee, delicacy restaurants and clubs. Distinguished famous senior Western-style food chef responsible for technical guidance, the quality has been using quality raw materials, carey cooked good conditioning fragrance and taste the delicious steak mika.

Yuxi Jazz steak shop to join the support of what?

Jazzi steak in order to promote Jazzi unique delicacy culture, based on the management has reached a mature, y tap the potential of the market, for the national open chain operation and franchise business, and provide the following support to join.

1, system training support


steak headquarters (Qingdao Jazz Steak Restaurant Limited) of Sir Western-style food stores steak comprehensive training, including site selection, store design decoration, marketing management strategy, technological process, cost control, health standards, market positioning expansion plan, service and so on, regardless of any experience to join you become a real man, standing on the shoulders of giants of entrepreneurship.

2, company hardware support

production equipment: from the kitchen to the bar, a series of equipment are of good quality and harmonious unity, the special design of the Jazz steak from the large professional Western tableware manufacturers.

store decoration equipment: each "Jazz steak shop" are carey renovated, for consumers to create a relaxed, leisurely, comfortable, with a strong atmosphere atmosphere. The decoration style and decoration store consistent theme design suitable for the local conditions, human geography environment theme, and the Jazz steak joined the chain together with HQ can design, planning personalized store upgrade plan.

3, system service support


steak headquarters to provide a unified image of the design, store clerk issued authorization bronze certificate, clothing, food packaging and raw materials, improve the quality of long-term delivery service to customer service equipment stores, long-term technology and marketing guide, opened on-site guidance and assistance, a range of support for the franchise without any menace from the rear.

4, marketing planning support

Qingdao Steakhouse chain management headquarters for the Chinese market by population ratio, income levels and consumption capacity of the region, for different regions of the special