What are the friends to join gold Express support

now, express logistics industry, has been very hot. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the courier industry, is a very good choice. How about Jin Peng express? High quality projects, the success of entrepreneurship is worth choosing. So, to join Jin Peng express which join support?

proxy support

only need to invest once, you can enjoy tenure, such a good condition can not be called love, Jin Peng express appreciation of space; with independent outlets investment development rights; outlets to join the proposed 2+1 or 3+1.

layout and management support

precise layout, to ensure that each of the golden Peng express outlets have sufficient profit space, the regional selection of the main consideration of the macro layout, determine the number of outlets should be located in the area, respectively. Site selection. Determine in the selected areas, the logistics should be set up in a few, specific in what place, mainly considering the micro factors, such as geology, market, transportation, environment, energy, etc..

training support

Jin Peng express support to have what? In addition to the above support, the headquarters also provides pre opening, opening, after the opening of the entire professional training. Theory + practical training, more landing!

brand image support

pay attention to the brand image, pay attention to advertising, brand name, brand, brand, car body advertising, labels, staff clothing, documents, etc.. The whole marketing and television (CCTV), newspapers, industry publications, advertising and other places to push.

joined Kim Peng express project, has a very large strength. The best choice for small business. If you join the golden Peng express project, is also very exciting, then, do not hesitate, and quickly act up!