The small mirror can also become a business assistant

in the course of the operation of our store, a lot of products so that we can not imagine, but it is really playing a role in helping countless operators. Due to the shelf itself, causing the store to a distance, the corner of the wall to form a line of sight, there is a visual angle, it is easy to steal.

for this I am very distressed, many times to find ways to solve this problem. Just imagine, if not easy to steal supplies in this position, with the surrounding commodity dissonant unobtrusive; if the display smaller leisure food, but also easy to cause a situation. Vigilance can not rest assured that when the theft of the formation of the people are all pirates of the situation, it is not appropriate.

what should we do? Later, the son of a word, inspired the author to find a solution.

that day, just under the rain, I just go home with the son of school on the road. I walked, while answering the phone, the child ran in front, have been turned invisible. Son suddenly heard shouting: "Mom, don’t tread water!" At that time the author wondered: "how do you see me on the water?" "From the mirror!" Is the original property in the area in the new crossroads a convex mirror. According to the principle of refraction, the convex mirror can broaden our horizon, can make the driver on the left and right sides of the intersection distance, so as to avoid the occurrence of the accident. Similarly, the author in the corner of the store installed a convex lens, but also did not eliminate the sight of the dead.

want to do good, the position immediately in the shop in the corner with a convex mirror. Immediate effect, the original vision can not reach the place, now becomes clear. There are consulting goods customers, holding the goods directly to the mirror shook, I saw the introduction of the need to do not like the same as the counter to ask.

Theft to no

installed on the convex mirror for more than a month, the heart has become many fun. More unexpectedly, even Amy went out into the shop, look in the mirror, check whether the clothing docile, look at hair is neat, of course, they are likely to buy something shundaizhao.

such a mirror can really help the store business? If you are a shopkeeper, you may also be able to understand the installation after the small series of words. In short, the store installed a convex lens to bring a lot of benefits, not only lifted the blind spot, but also boosted the popularity of a business, the most important is that it also helps the author to make the heart shadow, along with the customer becomes natural harmony.