Green home market

with the vast number of consumers on the pursuit of green home, the home life has more and more high requirements, environmental protection home increasingly popular market, set off a new upsurge! The following small series for you to bring home the new fashion!

in the decoration, furniture making, flooring, fireproof board and wooden utensils, plastic, metal and wood products are needed for adhesive bonding. Therefore, people put forward higher requirements for the environmental protection of these materials.

currently on the market there are a lot of fake and shoddy adhesive products, usually using crude solvent, and some are even using industrial waste solvent. Its main features are: colloidal turbidity, longer storage delamination, open containers are Chongbi odor, use a long time after the smell can not volatilize, remains on the appliance, inferior adhesive in addition to three benzene exceed the standard, there are a variety of harmful toxic substances, such as formaldehyde, halogenated hydroxyl, once used these adhesives, not only enable consumers in environmental protection material on investment cast to waste harmful gases but also exists, the room will cause long-term harm to the health of consumers.