Entrepreneurship should stay away from the Red Sea

a lot of time, we think it is difficult to start a business, probably because of the early stages of the election of an inappropriate project. If you want to start a business, business is far away from the Red Sea, and some projects are very crowded, competitive, natural risk is also large, we can not blindly follow the trend.

today, people are trying to start or ready to start to say, if you have already or ready to plunge into the noisy wave of entrepreneurship, some advice Xintian venture partner Jiang Yujie, may give entrepreneurs to enlightenment.

track "into" crowded, cautious

may originally market volume can support several companies coexist, live well, but to the large number of competitors, we can only get a small part of the cake, the final outcome is die together. So at this stage fitness, freight, driving and other projects in the field of relatively concentrated I do not touch.

to entrepreneurs

1.  entrepreneurs don’t just look at the problem from their own point of view. If you think they have a different way of playing with others, there is a bright background and rich social resources, it is easy to reach the battlefield, it is very dangerous. But to focus on the whole market, the rational evaluation of the possibility of winning. Because even a recognized market, once the field of travel thousands of war field, and the group purchase takeaway, several oligarchs finally only very few, most startups are finally gone. For investors is the loss of money, but entrepreneurs but wasted valuable time.

2. away from the Red Sea, embrace blue ocean. In fact, so many blue ocean, why join the fun? Discover new areas, tap new models, and increase opportunities in saturated markets. For example, we believe the investment "is" is the entry enterprise legal services through the high frequency electronic contract and signature, "green orange technology" in the fierce competition in the field of fitness through the Internet to redefine the fitness management, and fight bean supper is recommended to avoid the Japanese competition