Dig for 12 years for his family to build a noise free underground luxury

old man digging for 12 years, for the family to build a no noise underground palace, Xiao Bian read really good envy, this is the real luxury! Now, follow the small series together to see this "luxury" bar!


as far away from the city noise pollution and climate change, Costa Rica man Manuel · Barrantes in 12 years, dug a "underground palace for the family in the red soil and rock under the volcano". It is located 19 meters deep underground, an area of about 185 square meters, not only has a bedroom, and a living room and a meditation room in the three.



from safety and convenience sake, Barrantes’s "underground palace" entrance to the ground at. In order to solve the dark bottom inconvenience brought to life and psychological pressure, he introduced the lights and tap water, still put colorful indoor decoration, such as textiles, wall lamp, old photos, commemorative coins and records.



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