Free warm service to store customers more

is now due to fierce competition, if one wants to store business booming, in addition to the normal service of the purchase of goods, but also need to provide more free services enthusiasm, this will make the store has a huge customer base. In our village, a total of more than one thousand people, can be large and small retail stores have four fierce market competition, as can be imagined, this requires us retailers not only have the genuine goods at a fair price of commodities, warm and thoughtful service, my husband gathered popularity also quite hard.

a few days ago, a local fishing village to our brother reservoir, close to noon, the motorcycle tyre was sinister sun burst, the eldest brother helpless when he was with the husband to inquire whether there is fishing in the river near the garage, the husband told him enthusiastically: "we have left the garage here is estimated to be three or four miles, pushed the car there, the tires have been crushed, we go home, let me help you mend it tires." The eldest brother thanks, even the sound.

returned home, find the tire tool for the husband, made great efforts to put off the tires, find the leak, rub flat, glue, patch…… Hot summer, sweat dropping down along the cheek, clothes were drenched with sweat, brother sorry, to throw twenty yuan as a reward to the husband, the husband is determined not to accept, and put the money into his pocket, eldest brother said: "everyone has difficulties, little things, not hanging in the heart on." Big brother to see her husband is a real person, and I was in the store to pick up a lot of daily necessities with fishing gear. Since then, he has become a frequent visitor to my shop, but also introduce other fishing friends to my store consumption

‘s husband for decoration, for electrical knowledge knows a lot, is also half an electrician in the neighborhood, whose circuit is out of order, as long as the husband at home, and say hello to him, he would soon be to solve the problem. Her husband moved with the enthusiasm of the villagers in the village, naturally, they have become a loyal customer of my shop.

now, her husband bought power line, for afar fishing enthusiasts free of charge. I was in the shop put a pneumatic cylinder for customers urgently. There are some customers in other stores to buy not I give them free of odds and ends of sewing……

a lot of times, if from our own standpoint, these services do not need to spend anything, but for those who help, is undoubtedly a very big favor. In fact, to help others is to help themselves. Fierce competition in the market, we will be able to produce upward strength and wisdom, will enable us to continue to look for innovative skills and business philosophy. These extra services bring me more repeat customers.