nner Mongolia Arong Qi entrepreneurship usher in a new development

Although the business

business in the current era is very common, but for many people is still very curious, but if you have the support of the government, can certainly let the local electricity supplier industry ushered in very hot development. Before, I always feel the electricity supplier is very mysterious, very far away from us. Through this training, I can start a business at home." Recently, Inner Mongolia, Arong Qi is doing cosmetics sales Li Xiaoyan said.

"Internet plus" e-commerce training is Arong Qi new measures for promoting innovation and entrepreneurship. People club bureau from Zhejiang specially invited national entrepreneurship training instructor, Professor of electronic commerce basic flow, shop location and management, sharing real case analysis and successful business experience, so that students master the shop process, shop management, promotions and other professional skills.

mobile micro mall, membership sales , online and offline business sales, Arong Qi entrepreneurs is no longer something that can not be expected. Electricity supplier training so that the remote town of the region and the economic development of the southern cities closer. As the operation of the "do not shop," Zhang Jun said: "although I do not have the advantage of the storefront shop, but I have a lot of customers, because I am stationed in the online one Ming Guangzhou e-commerce platform."

in order to promote the development of the local electricity supplier business, the Arong Qi government has developed a lot of favorable policies. Since this year, Arong Qi people club departments to create a new town business park, Dingxin electronic business incubation base, at the same time, through tax relief, entrepreneurship training, loan support, housing subsidies and other measures to help in the personnel to reduce business risk and improve the success rate of entrepreneurship.

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