Annual income of millions of women entrepreneurial opportunities

it is about an entrepreneurial personality, has a unique business philosophy is very important, especially now that female entrepreneurs have become the main force of the whole social entrepreneurship, so suitable for women entrepreneurship project what.


I do

selected Gallery in a cinema near the place. My gallery posters are the classic story, such as Malone? Brando in "A Streetcar Named Desire" in the stills, each of the posters are behind a touching story, full of passion, and gallery, dream and longing for the color of love.

opening soon, fixed customers my gallery is to attract a large number of love, each gallery, they with great interest and enjoy a movie poster, before leaving, often with some pictures back zone. Now, more and more people have accepted me and recognized me. Two years ago, the creation of 200 thousand yuan investment in the gallery has been a huge return.

early next year, I’m going to raise funds to open the second galleries, location has been selected, in a development zone, there are tens of thousands of California and college students, will be the huge potential of the Chang – shop experience: open gallery, survival is the first, in order to attract customers, the first open market, targeted at the people who love the art of film. These people are well educated, have a certain level of appreciation and cultural taste, they exist in the campus, the company and some of the freelancers. Sales method diversification, for example, can use Sunday and the holiday opening film lectures for students, to introduce them to the movie, the story of famous stars, inviting students to visit the gallery; to expand its influence, but also some exquisite printing advertising, distribution in the high-grade office door, improve the fame of the gallery.

I am very interested in