Hainan a new model for youth employment and Entrepreneurship

in recent years, the employment of college students has been a major problem for local governments. Recently, on the youth entrepreneurship and employment, Hainan has proposed a new model, now let us pay attention to it!

the financing has been an important factor restricting young entrepreneurial success, how to make the lack of effective collateral and guarantees the young entrepreneurs to obtain loans, how to improve the enthusiasm of lending by banks and financial institutions, how to effectively integrate social resources to form a joint force, has become the most important problem in the Communist Youth League Youth Entrepreneurship work to solve. In February 23rd, Hainan is the first to support youth entrepreneurship based Hainan youth entrepreneurship and investment guarantee Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Hainan green Guarantee Corporation") was formally established, this move is a new mode of exploring Hainan youth employment and entrepreneurship, marks the Hainan Provincial Communist Youth League Youth Entrepreneurship one-stop assistance system to further improve.

"Hainan QingChuang Guarantee Corporation means to market to maximize social benefits." Hainan Youth Employment Service Center Director Wang Xuguang believes that the establishment of a Guarantee corporation greatly reduces the youth entrepreneurship financing threshold, improve financing flexibility and maneuverability, effectively solve the bottleneck problem of youth entrepreneurship because there is no collateral to obtain bank loans. At the same time improve the Communist Youth League youth entrepreneurship training, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship incubation to the whole system of entrepreneurship financing help achieve youth entrepreneurship >