After the car market investment business opportunities for many entrepreneurs optimistic

although the car after the market suffered an entrepreneurial winter invasion, but is still a widely optimistic investment options. China has gradually transformed from the country of the bike into a car country, car maintenance and repair in the Internet era has created a new business opportunities.

2015 in the evening of August 21st, according to the Zongshen announcement that intends to invest in the construction of "auto industry and finance network construction project planning, Zongshen wholly owned subsidiary – Chongqing Internet auto Sales Service Co left master on August 20th signed with Chongqing car treasure Technology Co. company" strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides will carry out strategic cooperation in the automotive market cooperation service network and other aspects of equity.

earlier before August 17th, Century Park held in Shanghai LONCIN general electric sightseeing car donation ceremony, LONCIN general articles under the grace vehicle leasing company to Century Park donated electric sightseeing car 18, hua’en car rental companies "lizard car" project will take this into the Shanghai O2O car market.

t.virens financial notice, from the business model point of view, the current market car O2O platform services can be divided into two kinds: online booking to store washing mode, home wash mode, but the current car O2O platform service standard has become more homogeneous, the charges are more transparent, everyone is the efficiency of PK and convenience, who can better meet the user’s "lazy thinking", to reduce the cost of time, will win more customers.