Details of the investment fee

in the Sichuan Museum in the development momentum of good brand spicy exchange is a good brand, "Xin" Torikawa Nakara of Italy, the restaurant was built in the early 2003, has been in development for 13 years, is now known to every family a cuisine. Xin Hui Hui’s popularity attracted many investors to join the cooperation, but as a qualified entrepreneur, you have to understand how much money you need to invest in order to succeed in business. Just join is not free, in the choice to join any one brand, it is very important to have sufficient fee. So you have to be clear about how much is the fee? Small series through the understanding that the cost of joining Xin Hui Hui is the lowest 736 thousand yuan.

Xin Xiang investment costs specific details

spicy sinks to join the investment quota, due to various regions of the labor cost and material cost is different, so choose a different city will produce different amount of investment, so the investment cost will be different!

after a small series of visits to understand, that there are a variety of types of Xin Hui join type, of which three lines of the city’s investment is the lowest, requires $736 thousand. I believe these fees for everyone to join the investment should be able to accept it!

More than

is a new introduction to the introduction of the fee, I would like to be in your heart will be Xin Hui Hui joined in the cost of the heart there is a very clear idea of small make up here to wish you success!