Clothing store named ten principles and the five taboo

although there are a lot of people have embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, but the lack of awareness of the name of the shop, the energy invested enough. In fact, a good name often indicates a good start, such as the name names, read catchy is more easy to remember, a good name can bring traffic to the store, the store Business Flourishes; on the contrary, a bad name may allow people to store produce resentment, unwilling to patronize. So the owner must be careful when naming. Below。 Xiaobian to introduce the clothing store is a principle and the five taboo.

clothing store name to remember these ten principles:

1. the owner must like the name.

2. clothing store name and operation of goods must be consistent, to give people the right impression.

3. should not have a negative impact.

4. clothing shop name shall be acceptable to the clerk and love.

5. try to avoid letters and numbers.

6. clothing store name should not be.

7. should be easy to read and write.

8. clothing store name must be novel, similar to other do not conform to no conventional pattern, clothing store shop.

9. don’t specialization.

10. clothing store name to fit to the target customer’s taste.

clothing store name need to remember the five taboos:

avoid partial word

brand name is for consumers to call, should take into account the popularity of the word, but it is regrettable that some trademarks in the name of the word also has some very serious problems. A soy protein flour mill for their soy protein powder, instant soybean dairy products brand named "Feng gang". Such a trademark do not say that the general farmers, the public do not know, I am afraid that even the university teachers may not be recognized. It is hard to imagine that such a trademark can become a brand name, it is difficult to imagine that the trademark goods can be sold in the market.

some people use unfamiliar words that can take a good name, name from the building to restore a good word to be elected. So, when it comes to naming names, the first thing you want to do is go to the Kangxi dictionary. As everyone knows, the actual situation is just the opposite. A good name is the same as a good article, in the flat to see the magic, rather than to unfamiliar words, words and characters of multi stroke. < >