Entrepreneurs do these three points will be able to seize the pain point target customers

in the entrepreneurial way, often hear people talking about "how to seize the target customer pain points, know the pain points of this thing is very important, if the entrepreneurs can catch on, then he will soon win a good market development. So how to seize the target customer pain points? Entrepreneurs need to do these three points.

cheaper – can you meet the needs of the user cost down, can provide cheaper products and services, and even can provide free products of


better — can you meet the needs of the user to improve the quality, it is, you can greatly improve the user experience of the product. Zhou Hongyi in his book "my Internet methodology" mentioned in the similar point of view, it must be innovative, pioneering, innovation, you can invent a thing, or the expensive things cheaper, or complex things simple, Internet products bring value to our customers so that.

This is

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