Former Deputy Minister of the Ministry of human resources and social reasons why this year’s pension

from the previous two sessions, we can learn that this year’s pension increase is relatively small, of course, there are a lot of people more confused, for this problem, the former Deputy Minister of human resources and social department to explain the reasons for you.

second views is "the first overall arrangement". Budget report pointed out that the pension adjustment, both enterprises and institutions, including retirees, two aspects of co-ordination to consider. Pensions in the past is a dual track, and now the basic system of merger, fairness is stronger. "The Prime Minister of the government work report is about retirees, not as retirees said in previous reports, budget report said more clearly, is including the enterprise, including retirees of institutions. The past is not." He said.

"pension increased year after year is the social expectations, one of the goals is the social security system." Hu Xiaoyi said.



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