2015 new global financial and business incubator forum Saturday landing in Hangzhou

at present, China’s economic growth continues to face downward pressure, how to find new economic growth momentum is particularly important. In the environment of innovation and entrepreneurship, the Internet and the traditional financial industry collision gave birth to the new finance, the word, to provide a strong driving force for economic growth.

10 24, a gathering of the global business community, the investment community, the big coffee heavyweight Forum – "the new global financial and business incubator forum" is about to land in Hangzhou, the future of science and Technology City, 2015.

the Jiangsu and Zhejiang area has the most abundant and most active private capital investment consciousness, correct guidance, source of private capital can become the power of innovation, the forum will be a fad for the innovation of financial storm.

early in March this year, Premier Li Keqiang put forward the "public business in the government work report, the innovation"; in October 19th, Li Keqiang stressed again at the start of national innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples week ceremony, as long as you are talented, if interested in innovation, no matter what color, what nationality, leading to the Chinese door forever is a Easy Access, to gather the wisdom of the world for me.

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