Join venture carefully cheated margin back

recently, franchise business provides a convenient way to get rich quick more investors, but everything has two sides, the franchise business is to be successful, if not carefully to join with the investigation, careful analysis of the market chain, for some people, is likely to be nightmare. How to avoid risks, bypassing the trap, I am afraid that is the first thing to be done before the entry of a course. In the following cases, there will be no franchise stores, the problem is not to join the margin.

franchise business can not go down

join margin or back to

days ago, Mr. Nanchang complained to the newspaper, he joined the "Changsha bear drinks" in May 2008, opened a small cafe in Nanchang, spent 15 thousand and 800 yuan fee, and spent 15 thousand yuan to buy equipment, spend 14 thousand yuan to purchase, payment of 5000 yuan initial margin. The deposit agreement is not to change the taste of the drinks, and agreed that if you do not drink, you can refund. Mr. Gan spent 10 thousand Yuan decoration stores, beverage shop opened. However, after opening 5 months, due to poor management, can not go on, the beverage shop had closed. Mr. Gan then to a bear drinks to ask for 5000 yuan to join the margin, the results call more than 30 times, the other side said back, but has been dragging back. Mr. Gan said: "at that time to join ‘O bear drinks’,’ O bear drinks’ said the staff of the daily turnover can reach 1600 yuan to 1800 yuan, more than half of the cost can be recovered, but his own shop every day after only 200 to 300 yuan turnover, the highest 400 yuan a day. I spent 60 thousand yuan is such a result, do not do now, to join the deposit will not come back."

telephone interview with reporters "Xiong is responsible for a bear drinks," Xiong said that the reason they don’t back Gan join margin, because he only entered a batch of goods in the company, and then improve the other company’s goods, so this join margin is not refundable. But Mr. Gan said: "I really only into a batch of goods, because the business is not good, some goods to close the door when not yet sold out. I spent so expensive join fee, what is necessary to purchase from other places? I have never been to the goods in any place, the company now is to make irresponsible remarks, defaulton the pen to join margin." Mr. Gan now regret joining then on impulse, 60 thousand yuan savings boondoggle.

difficult to join the rights of

at present, many people like mr.. Open the network search join merchants 4 words, you will find the merchandise to join the investment from clothing shoes and hats to roast duck, from bedding to fireworks, and even gas stations to beauty detoxification, etc.. Franchisee’s investment promotion is very low cost, profit