Store services more humane

once a small shop can be a party to the public, but now can be different, everywhere is super, so that there is little place to shop. In recent years, at the supermarket business, shop with pressure; the fierce market competition, the survival of the shop in the supermarket in the crevice, difficult. Many small business downhearted, just give up, put up the shutters, find another way.

after a few years I operating in the comparison, the supermarket launched posters, leaflets marked price transparency color page ad, compared with the goods store, watch out, although the supermarket price promotions, but actually not much difference between the so-called supermarket and store, buy one get one but is nearly expired goods, you buy the home not to finish watching is expired, pick up a sesame actually threw a watermelon. Supermarket final purpose is to clear out a portion of the goods purchase price to attract popularity, attract the attention of customers, to buy more in the publicity of goods.

supermarket has a comfortable shopping environment is the store can not match, but at the same time the limitations of the supermarket is also great. First, the customer must have plenty of time, two is to have enough cash, the three is easy to waste shopping, return trouble.

Most of the

shop at home, is the end of the commodity, split sales fast. The lack of choice with less easy money, excuse me, also less convenient; 35 Fen hair, a star say next time; like supermarkets, 10 Fen less, do not agree with the cashier.

in particular, the store of human services, is a magic weapon to operate.

gifts and lighter are marked my name and fixed telephone, the counter from my name card, why? Not afraid of customers do not have to be afraid of customers can not find, in order to deepen the attention of my phone number, ask the customer to know my phone number? The answer is correct, of course, there is a prize, given a basin, so that customers are more happy, but also think of the use of this phone, stay at home to enjoy the goods.

this is one thing, the store is easier to do door-to-door; customers home to relatives and friends, not cold guests, and also the urgent need for the cigarette what, a call, everything is settled. Like a vat of pure water throughout the year, are door-to-door.

in order to expand the business side of the store, the store should focus on service. The shop located in more rural people in many community corner gathering point; a three car maintenance, fast charging, purchasing tickets, pay electricity telephone, mobile phone cards, bank cards, rural service access and other services that can store too busy to attend to all at the same time, to attract tourists to buy other goods.

shop in many ways, although not comparable with the supermarket, but wins in the supermarket than a more humane advantage.