How much profit space is a small frame mirror

people with vision problems become increasingly serious, gradually increase with air pollution, more and more people choose to wear glasses, sunglasses, mirror frame can be seen everywhere in the high streets and back lanes so small glasses, whether profitable?

Image and real data,

Jiaqing years glasses has gained popularity, Zhang Ziqiu continued in "all doors Zhuzhici" cloud: "everyone myopia wear glasses, with distinct depth system. Rao Yangmu light and clever, to buy by the genus epigenetic." Li Guangting said "a Qing Xiang Yi" records, ancient Chinese glasses twelve to divide according to the underlying reasons depth scaling.

Since the

An engineer

1954 in France Essilor inspired by the production of the aircraft cockpit material, thus the invention of resin lenses, since then, this lens will become the kingdom of the world extreme lens is still used today.

for visual problems, we should combine prevention with control, but if there is no mirror box, people’s life will not be carried out smoothly, this market with huge profits, making it has become a rare good project!