Entrepreneurs do not fall into these errors

joined the success, and not able to judge between day and night, only after the test of time to see the success of. For joining the failure of the people, only experienced, will think of those who think that the desire to be beautiful just floating clouds.

is not equal to join in the safe

now the prevailing idea of a "franchise shop than alone and more security, in a broad sense, this is correct. In the United States and Japan, this argument has been confirmed by statistics. As a matter of fact, it is generally accepted that about 90% of all newly opened businesses have closed down within the next 5 years, while only about 10% of the stores closed within the next 5 years. These two figures confirmed that in the way of entering a new business, the chain is safer than the independent opening.

(2) was lured into a wrong idea, thought that as long as signing a franchise contract, it can be as easy as blowing off dust to earn a lot of money.

At the beginning of

Do not follow the standard

franchise system is very dangerousAfter