Small warning can also play a big role

a lot of time, just because of a small warning, but it can help the owner a big favor, so that the owner of the business can be hot development. Some time ago, a friend brought two cigarette let me help to sell, and full tone said, according to our relationship, let alone two cigarettes, is ten, also leave her, leisurely, sure. I really feel shy, very embarrassed, she refused to disappoint her.

but I do not think the perfect way, I stammered that my local traffic is little, low consumption, I can help you sell, God knows how long, besides, the company does not allow marked regional code cigarette in the local retail store sales, the busy I could really help. Said this time, I lower the head to see the supermarket packaging bags auspicious smoke superscript name, and it also with auspicious supermarket shopping small ticket.

suggested a friend went to the supermarket auspicious luck, told her only transfer goods or sell, can not be returned, after listening to friends, show displeasure, but still took two cigarettes to the auspicious supermarket, no more will be called to tell me that the supermarket to help her adjust several cheap cigarettes, is good to keep her father-in-law and lover of smoke, to hear her talk was in a good mood, knew she wasn’t angry with me, my heart was down.


, I think, if a friend brought the smoke, no other supermarket packaging, no small ticket, how can I cope with the regulations of the company, to convince her, a little highfalutin, will let her get me won’t help, I really do not know after the encounter this kind of situation, how to end.

thought for a long time, suddenly to decorate the shop to print a brain wave, the scarlet letter several distinct: cigarette sold are not returnable, Xie Marie sold.

not to mention, the effect is obvious, since there is a warning that the store did not appear in the phenomenon of the return of cigarettes, the situation is gradually reduced on behalf of the sale.

comments: due to the social environment factors, the Chinese people generally good face, some words even if the heart is very unhappy, but do not want to open face to face. However, some words, if it is not convenient to say in person, write a few words of the effect is good, after all, the current social situation, human influence is generally greater than the rules.