ntroduction of the six maternal and child shop sales

will do a sales shop, the results will certainly not do a lot higher than the sales shop, so investors need to shop in advance to learn more about some sales methods. Here will introduce the six maternal and child store sales methods to everyone, there are investment needs of entrepreneurs in this area can learn from reference.

1. is one of two methods: the customers want to buy a product, in her shilly-shally, do not ask you to do? If you ask whether she is, do not answer the probability of 50%; such as underwear, you may be asked to do? She said directly: no! If you ask: if red is yellow? Regardless of the choice of color. But the results are purchased, unless she does not want it, or she will be guided by you. Choose one of the colors.

2.: the customer came in, to know her real intention is very important, but she won’t tell you this, you need to get the answer by asking questions. The customer came in, she began to look at the product, you must take the initiative to ask: how much the baby? Customers to give you an answer after you ask: who is which brand? Then ask: what to buy today? The three question, the salesperson has a clear will to customers understand, then sell the goods: when it is very targeted.

3. in the business do not talk about business rule: true master does not sell sell goods to customers, and customers just chat, but like the prose, casual God, chat is the theme of parenting and product knowledge, let the customer to trust you imperceptibly, once you have the customer trust, it will take the initiative ask you, like her baby should use what products, this time to start selling goods, it is very natural, but this requires a professional product knowledge and nursing knowledge, and have a certain ability to express.

4.’s rule: customer is alert to the clerk, because the salesperson is introduced from the perspective of the business, if you can introduce goods from the customer’s point of view, it will be particularly easy to accept, because if you are sincere, the customer will feel.

5. membership sales law: the use of computer software to strengthen the management of membership and membership card recharge, such as: points, discounts, returns, gifts and so on to attract members of the consumer. Can be installed under the use of butterfly mother and child supplies store management software, let the computer to help you manage, not only error prone, but also save labor costs. Butterfly baby products store software support bar code scanning, a small ticket printer, cash box, membership card integral, discount, pre recharge and payment etc.. Can be a key to check any specified time (for example: daily, monthly, annual) to specify the sales of goods, profits, inventory, inventory, the total amount of the Commission, the commodity is expired information, etc.. Also gave the mother and child shop special merchandise barcode and price Library (more than 10 thousand kinds of commodity information), you do not have to enter, direct import.

6. body language with legal: each person’s speed, volume, facial expressions are not the same, some fast, some slow, some say