Changchun demobilized cadres business incubators to carry out the four in one helping

different types of business groups need a different way of helping, Changchun for demobilized cadres business very seriously, and guide the construction of specialized incubators, builds a bridge between market and entrepreneurship in demobilized cadres. Help create an opportunity to ride out the storm.

modular power lightning protection device, full function robot intelligent electronic lock core, portable emergency recovery device…… Changchun City Center recently demobilized soldiers demobilized in business incubators held military venture exchange event, 19 in base self employment of demobilized army cadres show entrepreneurial achievements, attracting a large number of investment businesses and entrepreneurs eyes.

to solve the demobilized cadres business problem, the beginning of July 2014, Changchun city comprehensive integration of resources, innovation established the first domestic self employment of demobilized cadres to implement business incubators, entrepreneurship training, entrepreneurship training, business incubation and entrepreneurship service "four in one" mode of helping entrepreneurs demobilized cadres.

"there is a good policy, in the implementation of key." According to Changchun director of human resources and Social Security Bureau Zhang Baoqi introduction, Changchun city will continue to improve the supporting policies, standardized service processes, to support the implementation of plans, through the development of entrepreneurship policy into the barracks, venture into the barracks and self employment of demobilized cadres typical venture into the barracks lecture tour, improve the army cadres of self employment and entrepreneurship for more understanding, solve the menace from the rear of demobilized army cadres.

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