What we need is a leader who understands 6 truths

a good leader, is not easy to do. So, in small series, there are two kinds of popular opinion about leadership: 1) the organization and management of our order, but the failure of leadership; 2) and spared no expense to develop leadership, why not hire better leaders?

the assumption? From this fact, we can read the 6 message:

1) leaders do not need to develop – they just want to keep the color is very good. 2) since people always spots, why bother to pursue self development? 3) the development of the leader is in the process of work. 4) leaders to maintain the status quo, or improve, or business results are not helpful. 5) deliberately developing leadership skills has no impact on your career. 6) since sitting on the position of leadership, should be able to do this job – the pursuit of personal development is weak performance. These 6 views are sheer nonsense. Some people are complacent about their own leadership efficiency, and it is precisely by the above point of view.