Wheat Huake Hamburg joined details

catering business people focus on where? Fast food, snacks, hot pot and other hot food and beverage industry, fast food is the most popular Chinese fast food, but western fast food is no worse. Some western fast food in the well-known brands in many hot selling brands, wheat Huake Hamburg is one of them, this is a very popular brand, has captured the heart of many consumers, so how to join


to join Mai Huake Hamburg? Wheat Huake Hamburg joined details:

Mai Huake Hamburg joined:

1, brand and culture of recognized headquarters

2, accept headquarters management

3, with certain management ability

4, with a certain amount of funds

Mai Huake Hamburg joining fee:

signed an agreement to join the alliance and pay 3 to $80 thousand to join the operating margin of $1 to $30 thousand

joined the life for the first time to join the validity period of 5 years, 5 years after joining

to you

management service fee collection headquarters monthly turnover of 3% of the cost of the headquarters for the franchisee’s daily management costs

Mai Huake Hamburg joined process:

intention to contact by telephone, fax or interview preliminary contact

joined the negotiations to enter substantive negotiations and join the signing of the agreement

field visit to fill in the application form and pay the inspection fee

basic conditions to assess the store area, height, advertising, parking, rent and water, electricity, gas, smoke, sewage and telephone, television computer network facilities and other basic conditions

market environment to assess the regional market, location and surrounding environment and consumption of the Chinese market to evaluate