Nantong City Finance Bureau committed suicide Chen Zhaodong

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position, but due to various reasons and depression can not take off, many people even pay their own lives. The fast pace of life, the living standard has improved, but people’s life pressure is increasing, the spirit of sub-health phenomenon is serious. Here and small together to understand, the Nantong Municipal Finance Bureau Chen Zhaodong suicide event.

52 year old Jiangsu City Finance Bureau Chen Zhaodong, in July 19th, committed suicide in. Police informed that, according to their families, Chen Zhaodong recently depressed mood, depression symptoms.

7 on the evening of 19 August 11:30, Jiangsu Nantong, Rugao City Public Security Bureau official micro-blog issued alarm notification, 14 July 19th 09, the Rugao Municipal Public Security Bureau received a report that the Yangtze River town of Rugao port island ecological park on the north side of Yangtze River bank side in the forest, there is a man hanging on a tree.

Rugao police said 120 rushed to the scene to confirm that the man had no vital signs.

after preliminary investigation, the deceased Chen Zhaodong, Department of Nantong Municipal Finance Bureau, has ruled out homicide. Informed that, according to their families to reflect, the recent depression, depression.

died more than 20 years in Rugao

Nantong Municipal Finance Bureau, a staff member told Xinhua newspaper "intersection revealed that before the incident did not find what Chen Zhaodong unusual, 18 days in the office meeting, the 19 day (the day) at noon and in the unit to see him.

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map to see, Chen Zhaodong island ecological park near the river Dutch act, located in the southern suburbs of Rugao, about 35 kilometers away from the straight-line distance of about 25 km east of downtown Rugao, can arrive at Nantong city.

Rugao can be called the second hometown of Chen Zhaodong, he served for more than 20 years.

public information, Chen Zhaodong was born in September 1964, Jiangsu, Taixing. 1984 graduated from the Department of Finance and economics, Soochow University, Chen Zhaodong entered the Rugao county (now Rugao) finance bureau.

1995, the 31 year old Chen Zhaodong served as director of the Rugao Municipal Finance Bureau, deputy secretary of the CPC Rugao Municipal Committee, after two years. 2001, 37 year old Chen Zhaodong as Rugao Municipal Committee, deputy mayor of the municipal government.

search HowNet found in the Rugao Municipal Finance Bureau during the work, Chen Zhaodong had in the friends of the magazine and other magazines published on the improvement of the principal of the state owned assets of a few suggestions and so on.