The development of New Energy Automotive ndustry nnovation Forum opened in Fujian

with the improvement of living standards, people travel more and more pursuit of convenience, so in the car on the market gradually gained popularity, but the traditional automobile greater energy consumption, but also for the environment there is a serious damage, so the demand for new energy vehicles is very large. 7 pm, 2016 Fujian new energy automobile industry Financial Innovation Forum opened in Fuzhou, people from all walks of life to cross-border, integration, sharing, innovation "as the theme, focus on national policies, market trends, new energy vehicles and other advantages and future issues in-depth exchanges.

State Council Development Research Center, doctor of management, researcher Wang Guohua pointed out in his speech, "13th Five-Year" during the period of China’s new energy vehicles will be the initial stage into the acceleration phase, the three aspects of the government or from the research of dynamic adjustment mechanism, set up a subsidy standards into the new energy vehicles recommended directory conditions, the establishment of corporate average fuel consumption with the new energy policy adjustments linked system.

The Private Economy Research Institute of Peking University

value center for economic research group deputy director Yu Xilin think, should be based on the "Oriental wisdom is the root of Western science and technology as" eclectic, many long, the formation of social innovation system integration industry development mode, leading the development of the industry, promote industrial upgrading the system, actively participate in the development of new industry standard.

Space for development of new energy vehicles

, Fujian financial innovation forum, can be effective for the further development of new energy vehicles in the negotiation to promote the popularization of new energy vehicles is a matter of great significance. At the same time, the forum is organized by the Provincial Department of Commerce, Fujian Province Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, overseas Chinese Investment Enterprises Association guidance, sponsored by the Chinese American Chamber of Commerce in South America, Southeast network, Southeast of Fujian Province Overseas Media Limited, Fujian energy Huimin new energy automobile co..

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