The first national women’s employment training base in Zhangzhou

women entrepreneurship has in this be not at all surprising, in today’s society at the same time, the whole society is also actively promoting women in the entrepreneurial process, from the aspect of policy is to give a lot of positive support, recently, in Fujian set up the first women’s employment and entrepreneurship demonstration base.

17 July, Fujian’s first national women’s employment and entrepreneurship training bases located in Zhangpu Zhangzhou science and Technology Institute inaugurated pantuo. This is also the National Women’s Federation named Third National Women’s employment training base. Shen Jinshui, vice chairman of the Fujian Provincial Committee, Zhangzhou Municipal Committee, organization minister, deputy director of the Municipal People’s Congress for the base inaugurated.

The opening ceremony of

In fact,

a women’s employment and entrepreneurship base, for some women across Fujian by their local entrepreneurship will play a very big help, at the same time, will also further promote business cooperation between Taiwan and the mainland.


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