What do women do in 2016

2016 female entrepreneurship to do what? May wish to try to open a home with a warm home as the theme of the store, operating in a warm, comfortable home – based features. But in view of the current domestic market, a wide range of women’s entrepreneurship specific choice? Can be considered to open the characteristics of cushion stores or pillow stores, market segments.

modern people pay more and more attention to the quality of life, especially young housewives. More and more people are tired of the home decoration style like a hotel, and hope to enjoy the warm and natural rural life at home. Open home to operate a natural, warm, comfortable and casual style of Japanese style rural home based stores, can help them achieve this dream. Shop to the management of natural, warm and comfortable casual Japanese country style home appliances products mainly include rattan, wicker chapter series, fabric and porcelain. These customers are fastidious about the quality of life, the pursuit of life fun, who do not like the layout of the new home of a good man, of course, young women or the majority.

2016 women do poineering work what good? Open the home characteristic cushion shop

female entrepreneurs to start a special cushion shop, operating characteristics of the cushion in the first effort to personalize, it is best to form a series of consumer demand for the design of different varieties of cushion. For love is lying on the sofa to read the newspaper, a design can also head on the elbow supporting cushion, a concave design for children round cushion, so to make the child naked cold; for young men and women to design a set of cartoon characters, and other animal Xiuxiang new-new generation idol pattern, can rely on and comfort in the arms of the cushion. Finally, it is necessary to carry out a good promotion and customized business. Cushion is a popular commodity, the cost of transparency, the price should not be too high, according to different types of profit space control in 30% ~ 40% is appropriate.

2016 women do poineering work what good? Open a pillow store

2016 female entrepreneurs open a store pillow, the pillow of many varieties of classification from the function, ordinary pillow, health care pillow, medicinal pillow, and suitable for all ages pillow; distinguished from pillow core material, a silkworm excrement pillow and chrysanthemum pillow, pillow, cotton fiber vacuum pillow, pillow, pillow, gas and water tea pillow. These pillows, the store should have sales, other shops to buy also want to buy a small initial waist pillow, pillow, pillow and ear pillow. In the management of the store, can according to customer requirements, set for a variety of style, size, height, hardness and different filling materials such as pillows, baby shaped pillow, ear pillow, to the newly married couple with the embroidered pillow, as well as to the elderly produced special pillow etc.. In sales, promotion and sales promotion can take a variety of ways, such as door-to-door, do not collect freight; for the elderly consumer groups launched the "old day to send a special gift for children to carry out activities; such as the" children’s health education group recommended sleep ";