Top ten brands of cotton pad

cosmetic cotton for modern women is not unfamiliar, this is a must for a lot of women’s daily makeup tools, because of such a demand, so that the market has a lot of brands. So, which brand of cotton pad good? Xiaobian now for you to reveal the industry’s top ten brands of cotton pad.

cotton ten brands list, Watsons NO.1 Watsons, founded in 1828, one of the largest personal care chain store in Asia, a large multinational group of companies listed, Watsons group (Hongkong) Co., ltd..

cotton ten brands list NO.2, Lily Bell: from the professional female makeup accessories brand with a hundred years of history, professional make-up cotton production enterprises, Suzhou of health supplies limited.

cotton ten brands list NO.3, AUPRES AUPRES Chinese: won the famous brand, Beijing famous trademarks, brand-name products in Beijing City, a well-known brand of moisturizing cream, the Sino Japanese joint venture, Shiseido Liyuan Cosmetics Co., ltd..

makeup cotton ten brands list NO.4, carnation: founded in 1969, Taiwan, the first professional manufacturer of maternal and child health supplies, cosmetics, the top brands in, Kang Xiang Xiang Enterprise (Shanghai) Co., ltd..

cotton ten brands list, NO.5 Sinuo: founded in 1995, China cotton is one of the leading brands, professional makeup cotton and cotton mask production enterprises, Ningbo Shino Co. ltd..

cotton ten brands list, NO.6 Ke DQ pedicle: Shiseido’s commitment to improve the quality of skin care brand skin health index, cotton ten brands, Shiseido Liyuan Cosmetics Co. ltd..

cotton ten brands list NO.7, Bai Yuan: founded in 1923, in Japan known as " high-tech chemical products manufacturing expert, famous brand " heating paste, Hakugen family products (Shenzhen) Co. ltd..

cotton ten brands list, NO.8 MUJI Muji: a life in Japan from the famous brand products, famous brand cotton best-selling market, large multinational companies, Muji (Shanghai) Commercial Co. ltd..

cotton ten brands list NO.9, DHC DHC, founded in 1972 in Japan, a comprehensive enterprise cross cosmetics, medical care, translation, beauty salon, spa area, Shanghai DHC Business Co. ltd..

makeup cotton top ten brands