The largest case of the case of the principal sentenced to 28 million yuan of illegal profits

recently, known as the country’s largest rat case was sentenced in Guangzhou. According to the trial, the court sentenced the defendant to the case of the defendant Chen made use of undisclosed information transactions and illegal profits, will spend four years in prison prison career.

Guangzhou City People’s Procuratorate

before Chen Min, the largest rat case created by Ma Le under. The Supreme People’s court retrial that, Ma Le served during the stock investment manager, the use of undisclosed information control, the sale of stock 76, the cumulative turnover of RMB 10.5 million yuan, 1912 yuan of illegal profits million yuan. Ma Le made use of undisclosed information trading, in December 2015 by the Supreme People’s court for retrial commuted to imprisonment for 3 years.

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