The work of the word can never be out of work [was forwarded crazy]

a little story: "the fate of two workers"

two named Pavaro and Bruno the poor young man, is a village near the river water will be employed to pick up the water in the village square, the village by a penny a barrel price for them! At least 100 barrels a day to pick up the income of up to $1, which is already rich in the village level of income!

Bruno in get the job, excitedly, but more of a concern, watching the water bring the full hand Xuepao, he began to worry about the old age how to do? So, he came up with an idea: to build a pipeline to the village, so they don’t have water, but also enjoy the endless!

flash over the past ten years, Bruno successfully dug through the pipeline! The water in the river continued to flow into the water pipes of the village, and there was a steady stream of fresh water in the village. The villagers cheered, and the other villages were moved to the village.

Bruno no bucket, no matter whether he Everfount water inflow. He was eating, in the water inflow; while he was sleeping, in the water inflow; when he went to play at the weekend, in the water inflow; more water into the village, into Bruno’s pocket more money. And the pipeline forced Pavaro to lose his job!

one hundred million and a piece of money, which do you choose?

of course, how he chose the first, he can become a millionaire one-time billion yuan; if he chose the second?

We simply calculate: