What are the problems in cigarette retail management

almost any retail household will have a cigarette sales, however, there are still many problems in the sales process. We know that cigarette sales are one of the most common items for retail customers, and many retailers are doing it every day. Recently, the author found in the visit, many retailers in the cigarette sales more or less there are some problems, so as to affect the sales of cigarettes, and then to other goods sales also bring a certain degree of influence. It mainly includes the following aspects:

co operation, a lot of inconvenience

is currently in our country, cigarette sales is the monopoly system. The reason for this is also of practical significance, because China’s large population, cigarettes and related to human health, social stability and other major issues. If you let go, there is bound to be market confusion, interfere with the normal market order, affecting the economic interests of consumers, triggering social conflicts.

therefore the implementation of tobacco monopoly is conducive to market regulation, but also in line with the actual needs. The "tobacco monopoly law" second chapter sixth stipulates: tobacco products to engage in the production, wholesale, retail business, and management of tobacco monopoly commodities import and export business and the business of buying and selling of foreign tobacco products, must be in accordance with the provisions of the "tobacco monopoly law" and the regulations, apply for tobacco monopoly license.

tobacco monopoly license is divided into:

(1) license for tobacco monopoly production enterprises;

(two) tobacco monopoly wholesale enterprise license;

(three) tobacco monopoly retail license;

(four) special tobacco monopoly business license.

Provisions of article twenty-five and fifth chapter

: get the license for tobacco monopoly retail enterprises or individuals, should be in the local tobacco monopoly wholesale enterprise purchase, and accept the supervision and management of tobacco monopoly license issuing authority. In addition to the relevant illegal acts to give a clear punishment measures and so on.

from which we can see that the retail sales of cigarettes must apply to the tobacco companies to obtain a "tobacco monopoly retail license" before, otherwise regarded as illegal acts. I found in the survey that many retail households, especially some rural retail households in order to save money, often two or three together to apply for a tobacco monopoly retail license. In fact, the surface is to save some money, but I do not know this to their own cigarette sales will bring a lot of inconvenience: the first impact of the purchase of cigarettes.

because of a number of CO cards, and sometimes encountered some cigarette tension or control, each card into the limited number of cigarettes, then >