Govany ice painting how the whole give you what you want

now, the rapid development of science and technology, consumer demand for the living environment gradually increased, the basic requirements for life is gradually increasing. How about Govany’s ice painting? The choice of high-quality entrepreneurial projects, is the first step in the success of our business.

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Govany ice painting franchise?

business is to choose new products, others can not do the product, this is the entrepreneur needs to pay attention to the problem!

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glass ceramics manufacturers can Jiezhuang personality customization pattern, which is selling a big disadvantage, for example, some customers want to use their wedding photos into a large background wall hanging in the bedroom, a lot of technology on the market is not up to the standard, can not meet, and Govany painted on the ice discards the disadvantages, many customers say oneself in the process of operation, from the "customized" order is continuously.

with a size of 80× 200cm crystal carved decorative beauty effect of the ice sliding door to calculate the comprehensive cost (including the cost of raw materials and processing and production costs + cost) in about 150 yuan, more than the county-level city region market the lowest price of not less than 500 yuan, and only one device, you can make any pattern customers want, which can be seen in the huge profit space.

Govany ice painting research and technology strength, cooperation free technical upgrade services to ensure that customers of continuous production, maximize profits! According to the raw materials and the different region, there will be some differences in cost, but the cost is generally between 15-40 yuan, the market price fluctuate. Can be sold to hundreds of yuan, thousands of yuan, as our most pro a technology – ink ice painting (1060× 230cm), especially suitable for business premises, office and family study of the large plaque, comprehensive cost of 195 yuan / piece of advice, the market price of 1880 yuan / piece, a customer many sales: pieces of investment on the back of this. What are you waiting for in the huge profit space,


how about Govany’s ice painting? The choice of market development. For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, is a very strong brand to join the project. If, you are also very heart, so, still hesitate? Hurry up!