What should you pay attention to in the shopping mall

in the choice of restaurant chain address, shopping centers, shopping malls must be one of the hot. However, the difficulty of competition is also very large, the regional market consumers prefer what kind of restaurant?

1, environment

Pay attention to the health and safety of

today opened the shopping center for the whole environmental comfort, everybody is obvious to people. Even outside the summer, or just walked into the mall, heave rain, everything was cool and comfortable.

2, location

traffic convenient and fast set about rice benchmark

"shopping center consumer environment is better than on the street a lot, in addition, good location is very important for restaurants, consumers more recognition." The head of a chain restaurant said.

editor noted that the process of shopping centers and restaurants is actually a mutual choice. Business in the introduction of food and beverage stores, food and beverage brands, types and other aspects are carefully selected to match the overall positioning of the project. For food and beverage stores, the business is also a platform, a good project can promote brand awareness, get better development.

when shopping center and restaurant brands reached a "consensus", "position" of consumer attention will be lifted to a certain height. Location represents the convenience of traffic, but also represents a degree of identification, so the location has become one of the reasons why we choose a shopping center to eat.