How to change the way you want to be successful

we all know, entrepreneurship is a hard work, even if it doesn’t return. Business people must have good luck and need to contribute time and effort, the risk to bear the corresponding financial, spiritual and social, only do these can get money, achieve personal satisfaction and economic independent.  


1. from closed to open in the CEO position, the higher the position, Jim had been unwittingly put themselves isolated with people; as more and more busy, he asked the Secretary to filter incoming calls, save time for him, not disturbed. After all, he can’t even finish his work, how can he answer every call? His assistant will manage his e-mail inbox, only to deal with the most important mail. He would ignore any "not worth it" email.

2. from opportunism to helpful in its early venture, Jim found himself eating a lot of cold-shoulder treatment. He found that those who had done his business executives who had chased him, and now do not answer his phone. His initial anger finally gave way to humility, and Jim realized that he had to help others as much as possible without considering whether the man was useful. Now, as the CEO of the company, he often told his senior team, "you must try to really help as many people as possible, even if you are not clear about their possible use – this is good for."

3. from talking about the former executives of the company as a senior executive, Jim often tell you how important his work. When someone asks him questions, he is happy to tell them everything they know. After all, Jim is an expert in his field, and it is normal that people want to learn as much as possible from him. Everyone is so afraid of him, which makes Jim feel very good. It’s normal for him to come back after a few hours at a party, but don’t know how to meet people. Most of the time he’s talking.