Urban rural market demand 13000 billion profit blowout of 10 times

with the implementation of the city for fuel powered vehicles and motorcycles limit line policy, many people have chosen electric motorcycles (hereinafter referred to as electric vehicles) as a means of transport. Electric vehicles are more suitable for China’s national conditions, the development of the future of green means of transport, is an important part of China’s low-carbon transition. In recent years, both the central government and local governments have given the green light of the development of electric vehicles.

70% people’s means of transport   economical and convenient

electric car franchise

2014 years of the electric car market is still hot, for many entrepreneurs want to join, you can refer to the conditions, self-examination is appropriate.

A, the basic requirements: interested in the electric car industry, familiar with relevant state laws and regulations, keen on electric vehicles, have brand awareness and marketing concept, the operation and development of electric vehicle industry as a lifelong pursuit of the society from all walks of life.

two, basic skills: familiar with the working principle of the electric vehicle, to grasp the role and function of electric vehicle.

three, capital requirements: should have a certain economic strength. Compared with food snacks, electric vehicle investment is relatively large.