How to sell goods shop

has a strict limit to the product shelf life for the flowers, goods appear in the business process is a very normal thing. If it is just a throw of the flower shop owner is undoubtedly a great loss. But if you want to sell, naturally need to take the right business strategy. So, how to sell goods shop?

refers to the goods can not sell products due to quality problems, such as not so fresh. Found the goods, should be immediately removed from the shelves, so as not to affect the image of the shop. To move after the goods, the owner can take appropriate measures to try to "time" to "positive". If the flowers have been unable to deal with, then it is recommended not to sell, or low-cost sales, but to indicate the situation, to avoid affecting the store reputation.

Beijing is a flower shop opens up a region dedicated to the sale of goods, and named "flower of war". This area is not too fresh to sell some, or some of the appearance of a broken flower products, the price is much lower than normal. Nearby residents, especially rent young women love to shop after work, a stroll around the "flowers of war, to see if there is no favorite products.

shop owner said, these girls are floating in Beijing migrant workers, the economy is not particularly good, work is also very hard to see these flowers actually have little empathy, so they are often more willing to buy.

if some customers to buy these goods, or buy a one-time branches, florist will take to send a small gift, or a shop discount card. The shopkeeper said, the flower is a good thing, if you can give people a good blessing and comfort, is the most happy thing to open a flower shop. The owner of this business philosophy also let many girls even moved away from the area, occasionally come back to the shop, and cargo area, the shop became a good reputation.

such business skills to make a lot of flower shop owner called "superb"? After all, substandard goods but a problem bothering many shopkeepers, but if you take the business strategy correctly, not only can easily sell, have more help for business development will store.