See how this entity bookstore monthly sales break million

electronic products are now everywhere, e-novels more convenient, more efficient, just imagine, how long have you been to the bookstore to buy books, bookstores do actually shop facing bankruptcy, of course there will be exceptions.

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3 months ago, in November 2014, the square of the Chengdu store opened trial. 3 years ago this day, Guangzhou is also the birth of the time. No matter from space, layout, design, product type and so on, we are not a typical Bookstore experience and design management from Liao Meili one of the three founding team members of the party, she is one of the founders of the eslite. Today, the Chengdu side of the building, has been on the side of the bookstore and even to explore the cultural space far away in front of.

space magic

theatre, Gothic columns, cangjing Ge, shuttletime ark…… These individual sounds are very prominent elements, but was designed in harmony in the space of Chengdu. Chengdu is located in the commercial pedestrian street near Chunxi Road and the famous Buddhist temple Dacisi business district, Ocean Pacific in the basement, the entire space carried nearly eight meters tall, rectangular is regular, the total area of over 4000 square meters.

"space shuttle" language by Mao Jihong, founder and chairman, party culture exception dress. The exception became the top fashion clothing brand Chinese, and, in all doubt, whether in business or cultural cohesion, have become fully deserve China private bookstores in the first. According to Liao Meili said, Guangzhou monthly sales Books Party originally set for 1 million 500 thousand, three years have been growing, now has far more than this number, the total book sales store sales (including books, aesthetic products, clothing, coffee shop) 35%.

Space design of Chengdu store team