Let electricity providers start from Jiangyou

in the past, many young people choose to go out to Sichuan, Guangzhou and other cities in the eastern part of entrepreneurship. With the development of the local economy in Sichuan and entrepreneurship policies to follow up, more and more young people fancy home entrepreneurial prospects, choose to stay round their career dreams.

to attract and guide the youth to return home and college students in Jiangyou innovation and entrepreneurship, January 19th morning, Jiangyou city held a "2016 Jiangyou city youth to return home in the EGO business hall of Jiangyou (students) entrepreneurship policy will preach". About 200 representatives of young entrepreneurs, young people and college students to participate in the meeting, the Municipal Bureau of commerce actively participated in the event.

development in the area of Sichuan electricity supplier, can fully make up for the disadvantages of Bashu region, that is no longer difficult roads of shu. Fully tap the potential development of local entrepreneurs, so that electricity providers in the Jiangyou area.

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