The establishment of a music Fang said the original old stick

Le Fang a year! October 14th, Le Fang a birthday. Everyone has his own interests and hobbies, which lead to different strengths. How can we maximize our understanding of our talents and our strengths? That’s what we’ve been trying to do. Many a man seeks for the end of his life, and still finds nothing. The creation of Le Fang, is largely influenced by this idea.

A review of the

a year ago today, looking for a way of life unsuspectingly. The background music on the line Fang, shouldering the sacred and irresistible task. As a sustenance of dreams, it is not only the core of life at that time, but also the spiritual pillar of the inner world.

Le Fang, these 3 words, I have to give it the meaning of every 1 words. In a nutshell, the workshop in Lechang is devoted to the introduction of outlandish things". Why don’t you call the net? In my opinion, the square also contains the meaning of the shop, it can express my original intention more. Yue Fang profit model for AD + sales ", the future, it will be a e-commerce trading platform, through the vivid description of the site, take the initiative to introduce visitors to reach a purchase guide. It is understood that this profit model has been widely used, successful cases too numerous to mention. Le Fang on the line so far, visits aside, I harvest very much, familiar with the operation process of website. Thank those who have helped me, which is the most complete, more. The rise of the Internet, so that a group of fighters with a common aspiration brings together, in the major online, their figures frequently appeared, happy talk, a variety of views exchange surge. I was impressed by the "content is king, the chain for emperor", this is the industry’s widely respected golden laws and precious rules, it is self-evident importance of the original.

Le Fang to report the wonders, strange people, strange and eccentric odd things, the original it really is not easy. The scope of our personal life is limited. How can we collect so much material? The difficulty of originality causes us to think about another problem. What is original, unique?. So what is unique? What is Baidu’s explanation is that there is no or no comparison?. Ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus famously said: "people can not step into the same river two times.". That is to say, everything in the world is changing. You just need a little embellishment, used alone, can oneself. This approach, we call "pseudo original."". Now, we are trying to prove the beginning of a new era in our own way. Incomplete statistics, 90% of the sites are currently pseudo original faithful fans. Of course, I am no exception.

Le Fang flow 90% comes from the major search engines, according to the development strategy of the originally envisaged, Le Fang inserted Google Advertising in September. To this day, little success has been achieved. Once in the Baidu Post Bar, various forums, web posting publicity, can not persist, it is a pity that. Today, it can only maintain its basic updates after work. < >